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May 12, 2015

Family genetics study reveals new clues to autism risk. Some DNA mutations are more likely to pass from mothers without autism to their sons, who are then affected.[…]

How Nanomaterials Can Help Make Fuel from Sunlight. Researchers say combining bacteria with nanoscale semiconductors opens a new path toward efficient artificial photosynthesis.[…]

Homeopathy and the UK’s National Health Service.[…]

Junk food kills bacteria that protect against obesity, heart disease and cancer, study finds. Strong link between good bacteria, diet and overall health discovered after researchers lived on McDonald’s meals for 10 days straight.[…]

Carl Sagan Institute: Aliens—Astronomers Prep to Detect Cryptic Exoplanet Biosignals. Simulations and laboratory tests are compiling signs of familiar and unearthly life that could be visible in future telescopes.[…]

With Climate Change, Ticks Are Moving On Up, Spreading Lyme Disease And Other Tick-Borne Diseases To New Parts Of The Country.[…]

Single Molecule Controls the Fate of Mature Sensory Neurons. Scientists at the Salk Institute have discovered that the role of neurons — which are responsible for specific tasks in the brain — is much more flexible than previously believed.[…]

IceCube neutrinos do come in three flavours after all. High-energy neutrinos detected by the IceCube experiment in Antarctica are equally distributed among the three possible neutrino flavours, according to two independent teams of physicists. Their analyses overturn a preliminary study of data, which suggested that the majority of the particles detected were electron neutrinos. The latest result is in line with our current understanding of neutrinos, and appears to dash hopes that early IceCube data point to “exotic physics” beyond the Standard Model.[…]

May 5, 2015

Making Sense of the Chemistry That Led to Life on Earth. How the precursors of RNA were formed on Earth.[…]

TED Talk: The Case for Engineering our Food. Youtubebutton 9840943

Florida files second complaint against Brian Clement.[…]

Humanoid Robo-Clerk Not Fooling Shoppers Just Yet![…]

Astronomy mystery solved: They’re space pings, but not as we know them. They are microwave ovens opened prematurely![…]

The Large Hadron Collider has smashed protons together for the first time since early 2013.[…]

Breast cancer vaccines may work better with silicon microparticles.[…]

Anti-GMO “Right to Know” movement cashing in on scaring and confusing consumers.[…]

Should the government tax the rich? What a difference from the 1940s![…]

April 28, 2015

“America’s Quack” strikes back.[…]

Just an hour of TV a day linked to unhealthy weight in kindergartners. Researchers call for more stringent recommendations on how much television children should watch.[…]

Despite warnings, health food stores recommend OTC dietary supplements to minors. Study shows staff recommended and sold products despite ‘adults only’ labels.[…]

7 great achievements in child health research celebrated at Pediatric Academic Societies.[…]

It’s time to let national happiness index guide political policy.[…]

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