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Right to Repair: Benefits IT Industry?

Right to Repair: Benefits IT Industry?

Manufacturers have always had an upper hand in offering new products and their repair services. They have controlled the flow of repair parts and replacements, making it hard and expensive for the consumers. Moreover, they also placed certain restrictions and limitations on the tinkering.

The repairing agents have to follow the prescribed method to make the changes. But, the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has changed the viewpoint of many consumers, making them aware of the “exploitation” of their rights. From handy smartphones to complex ventilator systems, everything requires repair from time to time without emptying the user’s pockets.

About Right to Repair

The incompetence and ignorance of the manufacturers has fired a new movement called “Right to Repair”. This trend has gained a lot of popularity among the consumers as it gives them the right to mend their electronics themselves. You will not have to seek professional advice or manufacturer’s support for this task.

While the idea hasn’t been mentioned in the ‘Bill of Rights’, it doesn’t mean that it is not required in the current scenario. The act ensures that if you buy a product, any electronic, you will have complete say in how it should be fixed. It is quite evident from the name itself.

Facing a lot of backlash from the corporate industry, the law is being seen as a threat to their regular functioning. On the contrary, the Right to Repair is solely about improving the consumer experience of using a provider’s gadgets. And it can also get you an upper hand in the market.

Right Service Part Costs

As mentioned, most consumers tend to avoid getting a gadget repaired because of heavily priced replacement parts. However, rather than providing these at exorbitant prices, one should see these as an opportunity to gain a competitive edge.

By offering reasonably priced service parts, your brand will become the prospect’s go-to while getting the device mended. Furthermore, at your official stores, make sure you update your repairing practices and approaches. Many experts highly advise on stopping the use of conventional methods, like spreadsheets or cost-plus.

Right to repair law will allow the end-users to buy OEM parts as per their requirements from the market. This means having competitively priced parts in the market will become very important. It will also help you retain your customers and regular buyers.

Improving Service Quality

Higher downtime for repairing an equipment usually results in lower productivity and less revenue generation. By making your customer wait for longer periods, you will increase your chances of not being chosen by the prospect next time they purchase electronics.

This is why end-user businesses should make the best use of IoT solutions. It will help them in timely replacing the parts before they cause major failures. By shifting your business functioning to Cloud, this will help you improve your operational efficiency and increase your revenue generation.

Final Verdict

We live in a tech-savvy world that is driven by growing use of technology and upgraded software/ hardware. Right to Repair will provide the users the authority to make necessary amends to their damaged equipment without spending an excess amount of money.

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