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May 11, 2015

Worst drought in 1200 years drains America’s biggest reservoir.[…]

First beef with the goodness of fish. The fatty acid profile of beef can be improved to boost levels of omega-3s.[…]

The water flea has genetically adapted to climate change. Biologists from KU Leuven, Belgium, compared ‘resurrected’ water fleas – hatched from forty-year-old eggs – with more recent specimens.[…]

Electron microscopes close to imaging individual atoms.[…]

Mandatory GMO food label not backed by science.[…]

The Scariest Veggies of Them All. … Reports from the National Academy of Sciences say the risk of creating unintended health effects is greater from mutagenesis – used in organic farming – than any other technique, including genetic modification. Mutagenesis deletes and rearranges hundreds or thousands of genes randomly, spawning mutations that are less precise than GMOs. The academy has warned that regulating genetically modified crops while giving a pass to mutant products isn’t scientifically justified.[…]

Potential new targets for cancer treatments identified.[…]

May 4, 2015

Tiny plastic particles propel themselves like bacteria.[…]

Climate drives ‘new era’ in Arctic Ocean.[…]

‘Brainbow’ illuminates cellular connections. Scientists light up cells to track connections in mouse’s optic nerve.[…]

Juvenile shale gas in Sweden. An international team of geoscientists found that biogenic methane in the Alum Shale in South Sweden formed due to deglaciation around 12000 years ago.[…]

Stem cell therapy for vision loss shows promising first results.[…]

An Alternative-Medicine Believer’s Journey Back to Science.[…]

Astronomers Seek Super-Size Hubble Successor to Search for Alien Life. Controversy swirls around a bold proposal for a bigger, better—and expensive—replacement for NASA’s premier space telescope.[…]

Health Benefits Of Coffee: Caffeine Acts As An Antioxidant, Fights Free Radicals.[…]

April 27, 2015

Senate Passes Human Trafficking Bill With Abortion Restrictions On Victims.[…]

Getting Started Early: Babies As Young As 6 Months Use Mobile Devices For Up To An Hour Each Day.[…]

Controversial Gene-Editing Approach Gains Ground. “Snipping out” damaged mitochondrial DNA in mice and human cells is a step toward preventing serious inherited diseases.[…]

An Algorithm Set To Revolutionize 3-D Protein Structure Discovery. A new way to determine 3-D structures from 2-D images is set to speed up protein structure discovery by a factor of 100,000.[…]

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