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Dr. Quantum’s Crackpottery

One of the crafty tricks of the mystics is to concoct similarities between quotations by famous scientists and Eastern mystics to convince their gullible readers that there is a connection between science and mysticism. Sometimes the scientists’ quotations are genuine, as the philosophical outlook of even the most brilliant physicist could be some kind of mysticism. This philosophical outlook is, however, completely detached from the great contributions they made to physics. Neils Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, Max Born, Wolfgang Pauli, Robert Oppenheimer, John Wheeler, and Brian Josephson are only a few of the more famous physicists with mystical inclinations. And they are notoriously quoted by mystics in their endeavor to find parallelism between modern physics and Eastern mysticism.

Fred Alan Wolf received his Ph.D. in physics from UCLA.  After teaching at San Diego State College – now San Diego State University – for several years, he left the academia and decided to spend his time writing popular books on the connection between quantum physics and spirituality, the Yoga of time travel, alchemy of science and spirit, the unity of psyche and physics, shamanism and physics, and the physics of mind-body and health. He has also appeared and reappeared on the Discovery Channel and PBS. He calls himself Dr. Quantum, insinuating an expertise in a field in which hundreds of brilliant physicists, including many Nobel Laureates, from premier universities and research institutes are actively participating. (Read this to see one of the dirtiest tricks a crackpot can use to fool his/her readers!)

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