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Distortion of Science Should be a Felony …

… in which case Deepak Chopra would be a serial offender. Here is one (among many) of his scientific distortions:1

Choprasclaim 3273869

… and here is a summary of the REAL finding:

Realreport 4157600The small number of participants (35) makes the study statistically uncertain.  That is why the co-senior author of the article has said that

the finding “needs to be confirmed by larger studies.”

Ten of the 35 patients embarked on a lifestyle change that included — as the picture clearly shows — FOUR categories, of which meditation was only ONE OF SEVERAL OPTIONS for the stress management category.

The study does not distinguish between the four categories, nor between yoga-based stretching, breathing, and meditation options of the third category. It is very possible that the elimination of meditation could have resulted in the same outcome for the study!

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