The Three Kinds of Scientists

In looking at the sciences, anti-sciences, and pseudosciences, I have been able to identify three categories of scientists. I include people who are not scientists per se, but use science in their professions, such as MDs and engineers. All such professionals have gone through a long training, leading to a degree that involves a post graduate experience. I exclude self-proclaimed “scientists” who read an article or two in the Discover Magazine or Reader’s Digest, and decide that they can challenge relativity or quantum theory!

3KindsScieThe three categories are:

  1. Those who are doing mainstream science.
  2. Those who bend the mainstream.
  3. Those who leave the mainstream and turn into crackpots.

All scientists start out in the first category. Scientists like Galileo, Newton, Maxwell, Dalton, Crick & Watson, Planck, Einstein, … belong to the second category.

Scientists in the third category may once have been accomplished scientists in the first category, however, for various reasons, they left the mainstream science, and with it, science itself.

People like Fritjof Capra, Brian Josephson (despite his Nobel Prize), Geoffrey Chew, Stephen Wolfram (despite his Mathematica), Rupert Sheldrake, Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, Dr. Oz, and many others, by their own admission, are no longer mainstream scientists. And certainly they don’t belong to the second category!

5 thoughts on “The Three Kinds of Scientists”

  1. So according to you ALL fondators of quantum mechanics are crackpots?
    It includes Bohr, Bohm, Eisenberger, Pauli… And maybe Everett for his belief in quantum immortality.

    1. Bohm, Eisenberger, and Everett are not founders of quantum mechanics. As for Bohr and Pauli, there is a difference between being a crackpot and having mystical ideas. The third category of scientists clearly states that to be a crackpot, the scientist has to LEAVE the mainstream. Bohr and Pauli never left the mainstream!

      1. Ok thank you I thinked you talked about mysticism too.
        What is strange is that a lot of quantum physicists are into paranormal…

  2. The mainstream is currently unbendable, so any scientist headed for 2 gets an automatic promotion to 3. But really, there has never been a second category, due to the conformity of thought by the mass of unoriginal and unimaginative “thinkers”. I wonder if there are more of them around these days.

    1. I wouldn’t say that the mainstream is unbendable. In fact, as a physicist, I would say that it HAS TO be bent because of the lack of a quantum theory of gravity. Any indisputable unification of gravity with quantum theory will definitely bend the mainstream. But, I agree, it requires much imagination and brilliance.

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