Just a Theory?

Another, more familiar situation is the operation of GPS. For GPS to work, GTR (as well as STR) must be incorporated in its design. If the inventors of GPS did not know about relativity, their device would not work. In other words, if you use LUG in the design of a GPS locator, the location will be off by hundreds of meters, or kilometers!

General theory of relativity trumps the law of universal gravitation. Therefore, theory is not inferior to law! Only mathematical theorems can be proven, and they are eternally true. Neither theory nor law can be proven, and neither is eternally true!

Now that the distinction between law (or theory) and mathematical theorems has been established, let’s turn to what is implied by “proof” when creationists use it to refute evolution. As mentioned earlier, by proving a theory, they really mean experimentally and repeatably testing it. GTR predicts supernovae and black holes. How do you test these predictions? Do intelligent designers expect physicists to create a real star and show that it turns into a supernova? What is repeatability in this case?

GTR and nuclear physics predict certain remnants after a star explodes into a supernova. If astronomers look for these remnants and find them at a certain location in the sky, they can conclude that a supernova was created at that location. And if they look repeatedly at other locations and see the same remnants, they can conclude that GTR and nuclear physics are true.

Repeatability means looking for signs of a theory or law in nature repeatedly and seeing those signs!

The signs of the theory of evolution have been seen thousands of times in an equal number of locations on the globe.

It makes as much sense to say that the general theory of relativity must be elevated to a law not to be “just a theory” as to say that the theory of evolution must be elevated to a law not to be “just a theory!”

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