Faith-Based Gravitational Waves?

As for the second meaning of faith, let me point out that there are three categories of scientists: Those who belong to the mainstream; those mainstreamers who bend the mainstream; and those who leave the mainstream and turn into crackpots. The overwhelming majority of scientists belong to the first category. Scientists like Galileo, Newton, Dalton, Crick & Watson, Planck, Einstein, … belong to the second category. People in the third category may once have been accomplished scientists in the first category, however, for various reasons, they left the mainstream science, and with it, science itself.

The scientists in the third category portray themselves as victims of an elite who are against any revolutionary idea. There is a huge difference between introducing revolutionary ideas within the confines of the mainstream science and irresponsibly throwing in nonsense and call it “revolutionary” simply because the mainstream scientists don’t accept it. The mainstreamers’ opposition to both types of ideas is a healthy reaction to the subversion of cherished and experimentally tested prevailing theories. The same mainstreamers who oppose a new idea eventually become its supporters once evidence verifies its validity. That is how the mainstream bends! On the contrary, a crackpot’s gibberish gets thrown out of the mainstream — along with its proposer, if the latter insists on the unproven, untested, and unsubstantiated idea.

Mr. Emerson may call this initial resistance to new ideas “faith,” as do many scientists. However, the resistance is essential for keeping science from becoming a salmagundi of ad hoc, unrelated, arbitrary, even contradictory ideas as is common in philosophy, politics, social theories … and, well, religion!

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  1. Dear Prof. Hassani,

    I am a Bachelor Student of physics at some Indian University. I am reading your perfect book, mathematical physics. I have a question regadrding on of your examples. In Page 368 Example 12.2.3. the Domains of the angles theta1 and Theta 2 are not specified. Can we take them between -Pi and Pi?

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