Faith-Based Gravitational Waves?

Under ordinary circumstances, the monumental discovery of the gravitational waves (GWs) would have been universally received with enlightened enthusiasm. Ordinary citizens — even those cheering on Donald Trump — would have been in awe of the genius that predicted them one hundred years ago and the mammoth technology that went into the construction of LIGO, the Great Pyramid of our time.

But we are not living under ordinary circumstances. The zeitgeist of our era is captured by the anti-science of anti-vaxxers, anti-GMO activists, climate change deniers, Dr. Oz, and Food Babe, as well as the Republican debates and the debacle of filling the seat vacated by the death of Antonin Scalia.

When the ignorance of parents puts the lives of thousands of children at risk by denying them the protection of vaccines and exposing them to other children, when millions of uninformed citizens spend billions of dollars on useless — even dangerous — “miracle” drugs advertised by the likes of Dr. Oz, when the security of food production in a dwindling irrigable land is jeopardized by the irresponsible anti-GMO activists, when the GOP presidential contenders measure their readiness for the presidency of the most powerful nation on earth by the size of their manhood, and when a US senator warns that President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court would look like “a piñata” after Senate Republicans are done with them, we know that our collective intellect is in free fall.

The quality of the Republican presidential debates is on a par with the quality of the reaction to the discovery of GWs in some media! A recent article in Huffington Post labels GWs “red herring,” and a Wall Street Journal op ed attributes a religion-like faith to them and to all science.

Deepak Chopra, who according to Time Magazine is one of the top 100 icons and heroes of the century, has coauthored an article on Huffington Post, in which he asserts that GWs are just red herrings that “serve as a distraction from the unsolved mysteries,” implying that over a thousand scientists spent close to a billion dollars and more than twenty years of their lives to distract the public from these unsolved mysteries, which could actually shift the paradigm regarding how we see reality! Although he does not explicitly say it, what he really means is that the paradigm shift will show us that “consciousness conceives, governs, constructs and manifests the world.” (see here, minute marks 1:15:33-1:15:39)

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  1. Dear Prof. Hassani,

    I am a Bachelor Student of physics at some Indian University. I am reading your perfect book, mathematical physics. I have a question regadrding on of your examples. In Page 368 Example 12.2.3. the Domains of the angles theta1 and Theta 2 are not specified. Can we take them between -Pi and Pi?

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