Are Gravitational Waves Red Herrings?

Like all psedoscientists, Chopra et al resort to the age-old trick to discredit science: exploit all the known facts achieved by science until you get to its unknown frontier. Then disparage, trivialize, ridicule, and outright attack science for not having the answer. Chopra and his accomplices call GWs “red herring” based on their claim that present science cannot “read your mind” because the brain is totally dependent on quantum events taking place at the very most fundamental level of brain cells, and fMRI have zero capacity to penetrate into the quantum world. I ask these pseudoscientists: Who gave you the idea that brain consists of cells? Where did you learn about quantum physics and the fact that quantum events (may) take place inside the cells? Or the four-dimensional world, whose “image” is formed in the brain? And who invented fMRI that you proclaim utterly useless in the study of the brain? Did you get these ideas from Upanishads, Vedanta Sutra, Bhagavad-gita, Dharma Shastra, Upavedas, or perhaps from Tripitaka?

If not, then be professionally brave enough to admit that science has provided all of this knowledge to you.

So, yes Dr. Chopra et al, the formation of complex thought and the unification of gravity with quantum theory are “unsolved mysteries that could actually shift the paradigm regarding how we see reality.” However, you can bet your pseudoscientific consciousness that the paradigm shift will not be toward the superstition of ancient rishis, or a world view that your post-materialist friends are envisioning. The GWs may already have initiated a shift toward a scientific paradigm of the kind that gave you radio, television, computer, smart phone, and Skype, which you and your pseudoscientist colleagues exploit to disseminate anti-scientific poison!

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