What’s New (… and not so new) 10/16/2014

Poopsicles (not a typo; with two “O”s, seriously) are used to treat bacterial intestinal infections. (Science News)

Education:  Why the board-centered classroom is still the best place to teach and learn. (Slate)

Ebola: Could it spread in rich countries? (New Scientist)

Tall Genes: In September 2014, a group of prominent researchers published work showing that three genes controlled the variation in human intelligence, but only up to 6 IQ points. Compare that to a finding published earlier this week: Thousands of individual genetic differences account for less than a third of the variation in human height. (Genetic Literacy Project)

Cancer can sit dormant in a person’s lungs for decades, waiting to diversify and spread. The discovery sounds scary but could actually be key to reducing the disease’s devastating toll. (New Scientist)


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