As long as PUBLIC opinions drive PUBLIC education, the PUBLIC remains illiterate!

Politicians are followers of the public (they have to be, otherwise they won’t be elected), and do not have the courage to contradict the public’s collective opinions as measured by polls. This includes the opinion of the public on educational matters. Therefore, the illiteracy of the American public and its anti-intellectualism (Richard Hoffsadter: Anti-Intellectualism in American Life; Susan Jacoby: The Age of American Unreason) set the “standards” of American education and make any improvement of public education next to impossible. Common Core State Standards are a good example.

advance-mathAndScience2The public determining educational standards is analogous to pupils dictating what and how to be taught! … Although, strangely, some schools of educational thought implicitly advocate this strategy (student-centered pedagogy). Maybe there is a connection between this educational thought and the public’s desire to set the course of its own education.

However, if we accept the obvious fact that the evolution of our species has not stopped, then we have to also accept the fact that education is the engine of our evolution. This puts a new face on education in which the opinion of the public has no place. I have described this face of education in detail here.

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