Deepak Chopra’s Crackpottery

Deepak Chopra was recently heralded by Time Magazines as one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century and the poet/prophet of alternative medicine. The words of poets/prophets are extremely powerful. They become maxims and proverbs for the followers. And when these words are fogged with a plume of scientific terminology, their power becomes manifold. Chopra has a habit of decorating his speeches and writings with the names of famous physicists of the last century and attributing his own ideas about mind and matter to them, driving his unsuspecting audience to believe in whatever he is saying because “it must have a scientific basis.”

Science demands accuracy and honesty. An intellectually honest author of a nonfiction work writes a second edition only when there are substantial changes in the content of the work, usually several years after the original edition. These changes, and the reason and purpose behind them, are clearly stated in the preface of the new edition. How accurate and honest is Chopra in his delivery? See this for a superb example of charlatanism at its worst.

The extent of Chopra’s crackpottery is illustrated in

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