Dr. Quantum “Proves” Existence of God!

Revolutionary claims – such as Wolf’s finding the mind of God in quantum field theory – demand comparison with revolutionary achievements of the past. When groundbreaking physicists introduce an equation in an article, they, at a minimum, find some specific solution for it, and that solution usually contains a significant prediction. For example, when Maxwell introduced the equations that now bear his name in 1865, he solved them for a specific situation and predicted the existence of electromagnetic waves, which travel at the speed of light. When Einstein wrote down his famous equation in a 1916 paper on the general theory of relativity, he partially solved it and, among other things, predicted the bending of light in strong gravitational fields. When Dirac introduced his equation in 1928, he solved it for a specific case, and predicted the existence of antimatter.

Wolf does nothing but babble on about the various symbols of his equation. Then, at the end of his article, he expatiates on his speculative hypotheses about mind and soul and Akasha, in complete detachment from the equation with which he began his article!

2 thoughts on “Dr. Quantum “Proves” Existence of God!”

  1. Sounds interesting & hope it actually works!!! For if Humanity could go into the Hall of Records like in a Vertual like dream state or through meditation or even through a certain type of game etc… A person could come out more Enlightened & feel more whole & inspired again with life seeming anew… Hope their is a guide their to lead one through the maze of Knowledge to higher understanding mabe even our higher self that knows us inside &out…Thanks

    1. The writer of this article, in his attempt to debunk this theory, keeps a closed mind that would make it impossible to progress. It may remain a theory, but that doesn’t mean we close our minds to it, like many atheists tend do.

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