Dr. Quantum “Proves” Existence of God!

The equation is taken from a typical quantum field theory book, but slightly modified by Wolf to incorporate nonexistent superluminal particles called tachyons. Of these tachyons Wolf says “I speculate that mind/soul exists as a field embedding itself in space time that communicates with ordinary matter through the intermediary of physical imaginary-mass objects – tachyons. … I speculate that this mind field may be an information field – the tachyonic quantum field – possibly what the ancients called the Akashic record.”

The two sentences above start with the word “speculate;” a word which gives the “speculator” the freedom to throw in any arbitrary notion. The quote reads equally well if one replaces “mind/soul” with happiness, anger, desire, wealth, war, peace, politics, or any other word one can come up with. Since they are all speculations, they all lead to equally wrong conclusions!

What about tachyons? What exactly are they? The theory of relativity does not allow any observable particle to go faster than light. This theory has been tested on innumerable occasions ever since it was proposed by Einstein and others in 1905.

In fact, every time you use your GPS, you are testing the validity of relativity.

In the 1960’s a few physicists speculated some particles that would go faster than light, and they called these particles tachyons. No mainstream physicists took the idea seriously, and the idea has not left the stage of speculation! In fact, real physicists have had to abandon theories which predicted the existence of tachyons. Here is what three prominent string theorists have to say about tachyons:  “In 1974, such dreams were brought down to earth by the fact that even the so-called ‘consistent’ dual models of that day had at least one fault: they all predicted a tachyon.” 1 So, as far as real physics is concerned, tachyon is a curse to be avoided.

  1. Green, M. B., J. H. Schwarz, and E. Witten, Superstring Theory vol. 1, Cambridge University Press, 1987 p. 16

2 thoughts on “Dr. Quantum “Proves” Existence of God!”

  1. Sounds interesting & hope it actually works!!! For if Humanity could go into the Hall of Records like in a Vertual like dream state or through meditation or even through a certain type of game etc… A person could come out more Enlightened & feel more whole & inspired again with life seeming anew… Hope their is a guide their to lead one through the maze of Knowledge to higher understanding mabe even our higher self that knows us inside &out…Thanks

    1. The writer of this article, in his attempt to debunk this theory, keeps a closed mind that would make it impossible to progress. It may remain a theory, but that doesn’t mean we close our minds to it, like many atheists tend do.

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