Dr. Quantum “Proves” Existence of God!

“So what we have is a high interest and a lot of misinformation floating around,” warned Barbara Strauch, Science and Health Editor at The Times, who died recently. “And we have fewer and fewer places that provide real information to a general audience that is understandable, at least by those of us who do not yet have our doctorates in astrophysics. The disconnect is what we should all be worried about.” The most dangerous promoters of misinformation are those who package it in scientific wrappings.

Fred Alan Wolf received his Ph.D. in physics from UCLA.  After teaching at San Diego State College – now San Diego State University – for several years, he left the academia and decided to spend his time writing popular books on the connection between quantum physics and spirituality, the Yoga of time travel, alchemy of science and spirit, the unity of psyche and physics, shamanism and physics, and the physics of mind-body and health. He has also appeared and reappeared on the Discovery Channel and PBS. He calls himself Dr. Quantum, insinuating an expertise in a field in which hundreds of brilliant physicists, including many Nobel Laureates, from premier universities and research institutes are actively participating.

If a listener is unfamiliar with the Chinese language, an impersonator can draw some nonsensical lines slightly resembling Chinese characters, utter some nonsensical words remotely sounding like Chinese, and convince the listener that he/she is reading Chinese poetry from a text.

On Wolf’s website are some links to certain articles claiming to affiliate quantum field theory with spirituality. One such article has the catchy title Is the Mind of God Found in Quantum Field Theory? The first thing that catches the eye in the article is a long complicated equation – written no doubt to impress the readers, most of whom are as hopelessly unfamiliar with theoretical physics as the listener of the impersonator above was with Chinese – reminding its readers of the genuine equations they encountered in the books they studied in high school, or browsed in a library.

This is one of the dirtiest tricks a promoter of woo can use to fool his/her readers!

Wolf is telling his readers “Remember how impressed you were by all those equations that you did not understand, but knew that they contained a lot of valuable scientifically proven information? Well, here is another such equation that I have come up with. Even though you don’t understand it, believe it, and have faith in its validity just as you did with the other equations.”

2 thoughts on “Dr. Quantum “Proves” Existence of God!”

  1. Sounds interesting & hope it actually works!!! For if Humanity could go into the Hall of Records like in a Vertual like dream state or through meditation or even through a certain type of game etc… A person could come out more Enlightened & feel more whole & inspired again with life seeming anew… Hope their is a guide their to lead one through the maze of Knowledge to higher understanding mabe even our higher self that knows us inside &out…Thanks

    1. The writer of this article, in his attempt to debunk this theory, keeps a closed mind that would make it impossible to progress. It may remain a theory, but that doesn’t mean we close our minds to it, like many atheists tend do.

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