Mesmer’s Magnetic Crackpottery

Most promoters of magnetic therapy recognize the need for offering some plausible explanation. The broadest explanation has been presented by Kyochi Nakagawa, MD, of Japan, who claims that many of our modern ills result from “Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome.” The Earth’s magnetic field is known to have decreased about 6% since 1830, and indirect evidence suggests that it may have decreased as much as 30% over the last millennium. He argues that magnetic therapy simply provides some of the magnetic field that the Earth has lost.

That was Dr. Nakagawa’s argument. Here are two of mine.

  1. Over the past 10,000 years (the last Ice Age), the Earth temperature has risen considerably, and this may be the cause of “our modern ills.” Maybe we are suffering from “Ice Deficiency Syndrome,” and we need to put ice cubes around our neck and ankles!
  2. Perhaps due to the eradication of malaria in most parts of the world, many of “our modern ills” result from “Mosquito Deficiency Syndrome.” To cure this, we may have to take a sizable dose of mosquito larva every day!

If your “explanation” is not based on scientific evidence, any nonsensical statement, such as Nakagawa’s or any other like the two given above, can be an “explanation!”

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