Dancing Wu Li Quack

Gary Zukav was a regular on The Oprah Wenfrey Show when it was running. He boasts more than thirty appearances on the show. The reason that Oprah liked Gary so much was because he seemed to be different from other “spiritualists” as he used physics (speciously) in the behavior of the soul. After all, Oprah’s show “has presented thousands of topics that reflect the human experience, including doctors’ medical advice,” and she trusts her viewers, and knows that “they are smart and discerning enough to … determine what may be best for them.” Therefore, so she claims, she is not one of those wacko celebrities who invite wacko doctors to her show to promote quack medicine and science!

Gary+OprahThe “smartness” of the audience of a show or the “smartness” of the buyers of a product is a ruse to disseminate garbage and nonsense to the public. Are the customers of the fast-food restaurants smart enough to determine that what they buy to eat from them is practically poison? That “super sizing” their order is just buying poison cheaper? Are Oprah’s viewers smart enough to know that you cannot summon a soul? That mediums and séances are hoaxes? The approving nods of her audience when Oprah declares the presence of the soul of a baby in the room is a proof that they are conditioned to believe in what Oprah and her guests tell them.

Are – not just middle-aged housewives comprising Oprah’s audience, but – even some of the more educated members of society smart enough to determine whether what Gary Zukav says in his bestselling book, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, makes any sense? Surely, if the book was on top of the New York Times‘ best selling list for months, one must rely on the information it feeds to its reader. Right? Wrong! On the contrary, many books full of balderdash have been listed as bestsellers on the N. Y. Times. And The Dancing Wu Li Masters happens to be a clear winner in that category of books.

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